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MConline Portal - Parent's Account





Using the MConline Portal Parent’s account, you can monitor your child’s online assignment and email to their teachers. Please see left for instruction on how to log in.



What You Will See:


Message Board – You can view announcements posted by teachers or the management to parents or students.


Email - You have access to email to communicate with your teacher or your child. Your email user name is

p_your child name]


My Child’s Progress – This is linked to your child’s account. You will be able to view your child’s progress for online test assignments.


My Workspace – You can download letters, forms or other school documents from this link.


My Assignments – There are 2 links found in this panel. You can take survey posted to you by the school. The other link allows you to view online assignments posted to your child.

If you are unable to access the lead  portal from home, you may contact MConline through:


Tel: 6777 5198

Mon – Fri (8am – 9pm)

Sat (8am – 1pm)